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Sadly, we lost Brother Jones to the Celestial Lodge above in the spring of 2003.


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Our Junior Warden Brother Andy Miller (below) caught in the act.

An annual fish fry in 2002 was another great night of family camaraderie at Sylvan Hills.  Brother Floyd Jones, PM (left) is a great fisherman, and has supplied most of the fish for this event for several years.

You've heard of the chief cook and bottle washer.  We have both!

Past Master Joe Reynolds adds his "secret ingredients".

Everybody looks happy!

Even the visitors pitched in to help!

PMs in the kitchen:
Troy says, "You catch 'em Floyd, I'll clean 'em and fry "em!"
Note: We lost Bro. Floyd Jones in 2003 and Bro. Mouzy in 2006. RIP