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Pillars of Solomon
2001 - 2003

Pillars of Solomon
2004 - 2006

Pillars of Solomon Award for 2007:

TJ Henwood (right) is a Past Master and has served as Secretary from 2005 to the present. TJ is also chairman of the Lodge funeral committee, having conducted nearly 70 Masonic Funerals.

Pillars of Solomon
- 2013

Joe Reynolds (left) is a Past Master and Chairman of the Lodge Building Committee. He is always a major part of any Lodge project.

Pillars of Solomon Award for 2008
Brother Mike Snyder was a Past Master and he also served as the Treasurer from 2003 until he passed away in 2009.

Pillars of Solomon Award for 2009
Bob Trask is a fixture at Sylvan Hills, always willing to jump in and help with any project.

Pillars of Solomon Award for 2010:

A Past Master, Bobby Combs has taught the proficiency to most of our candidates since the passing of
Bro. Floyd Jones.

Pillars of Solomon Award for 2011:

Brother Robert Felcher served the Lodge as Worshipful Master in 2008. After the death of Brother Mike Snyder, Brother Felcher accepted the office of Treasurer, where he serves to the present.

Although active in the Lodge since joining in 1968, Bobby Harrell served as Master in 2001, and he also
published the Trestleboard newsletter for many years.
If there is a project going on, he is either
in charge, or in the middle of it. Bobby is also the Secretary of the Past Masters' Assn.